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Who are we

Our journey inspired us to work in a new way

AMP is where innovation meets great people. 

We are an outcome-focused recruitment agency that helps technology companies grow across Europe and the US. 

Our in-house background gives us insight into how to build effective technology teams. 

Our Beliefs

How we craft success for you

Our curiosity drives better understanding 

By asking the right questions, we get to the heart of what matters for those we serve

Telling your story is the best way to engage great minds 

We use the art of storytelling to bring job roles to life and create meaningful connections with candidates 

We stubbornly believe that the perfect fit does exist

We are relentless in our mission to connect dreamers to doers and solve problems that will enable us to collectively improve the world that we live in

What we can help with

Building effective teams


Executive Hiring
Product Management


Green Energy
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

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